Adding a Context Menu to a Userform's Textbox

Adding a Context Menu to a Userform’s Textbox

Microsoft Succeed’s Visual Fundamental for Applications (VBA) gives a strong arrangement of instruments for computerizing errands and upgrading UIs. While working with UserForms, which are custom structures you can make to cooperate with clients, adding a setting menu to a TextBox can fundamentally further develop the client experience. In this article, we’ll investigate the moves … Read more


Benefits of Bulk Email Marketing

With the consistent change in the realm of computerized correspondence, mass email showcasing has turned into a successful way for organizations to contact a major crowd. On this, the principal commemoration of this innovation, we should plunge into the subtleties of mass email advertising, taking a gander at its stars, cons, best practices, and what’s … Read more

Export and Save Selected Sheets to a New Workbook

Export and Save Selected Sheets to a New Workbook

Export and Save Selected Sheets to a New Workbook: With its flexible platform for data analysis, calculation, and visualization, Microsoft Excel has long been a mainstay in the spreadsheet software industry. Efficiency is becoming more important as Excel is used for more and more activities. Creating a new workbook from a selection of sheets is an … Read more

Hyperlink Using the Hyperlink Formula With Vba

Hyperlink Using the Hyperlink Formula With Vba

In the powerful universe of Succeed, where information is continually advancing and interconnectedness is critical, dominating the utilization of hyperlinks turns into an important ability. Hyperlinks not just permit clients to explore consistently through a calculation sheet yet in addition give a useful asset to mechanizing processes. In this article, we will dive into the … Read more

Copy Visible Range To A New Workbook

less than 1 minute read Copies only the visible cells in a selected range to a new workbook, a A1 ‘================================================================================================== ‘ ## Copy range to a new workbook, only copies the visible cells in the selected range ‘================================================================================================== Sub RangeToNewWorkbook() ‘// Vars Dim shtNew As Worksheet Dim rngSelection As Range ‘// Optimise Application.ScreenUpdating = … Read more

Count Unique Values In A Range

less than 1 minute read Link to all xlsx Example Files: To count the unique values in a range place the following formula in B2, this is an array formula so remember to hit Ctrl+Shift+Enter This formula handles and ignores empty cells in the range as well {=SUM(IF(FREQUENCY(IF(A2:A9″”,MATCH(A2:A9,A2:A9,0)),ROW(A2:A9)-ROW(A2)+1),1))} Name Beth Nicole Adam Beth Michele … Read more

Clean And Trim Data With These Functions

1 minute read Combine these 3 functions to completely clean your data: =TRIM(text) =CLEAN(text) =SUBSTITUTE(text,” “,””) The CLEAN function removes a range of non-printing characters, including line breaks, and returns “cleaned” text. The TRIM function then takes over to remove extra spaces and returns the final text. Note that CLEAN is not able to remove … Read more

Sample Data Table

less than 1 minute read Sample Data Table of Sales Download the example workbook here: Sample-Table-Data.xlsx Download the random table custom setup workbook here: sample-sales-data-setup-with-formulas.xlsx and look at the formulas to see how random data is set for your chosen parameters. Tags: tables Categories: lists Updated: March 19, 2020 Twitter Facebook LinkedIn 1 minute read … Read more