Calculate Total Sales With An Array Formula

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If we had to calculate Total Sales the normal way, we would have to create a ‘helper column’ for the Totals column and then enter a formula to Sum all the Totals. Consider this classic example tabulated below, usually we would need a 4th column to total each row, then sum the totals. But, with the use of an array formula we can do this without those helper columns.

Entering the Array Formula

An array formula allow us to compute multiple ranges without the need for helper columns.
Remember: instead of pressing enter after typing the formula, you need to hold down Ctrl + Shift then press Enter

' formula syntax
{=SUM(Units_Sold * Unit_Price)} ' formula
{=SUM(B2:B5*C2:C5)} ' result: total sales

Sample Data

~ A B C
1 Product Units Sold Unit Price
2 Laptops 87 788
3 Tablets 268 651
4 Mobiles 541 325
5 PC 55 450

Normal Formula:

This is what you would normally have to do:

  • Extra totals column: Column D
  • Totals column to multiply Units Sold by Unit Price
  • Sum the Total Sales
~ A B C D
1 Product Units Sold Unit Price Total
2 Laptops 87 788 68,556
3 Tablets 268 651 174,468
4 Mobiles 541 325 175,825
5 PC 55 450 24,750
6     Total Sales 443,599

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Updated: October 19, 2018

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