Sumproduct To Sum Or Count Across Multiple Columns

SUMPRODUCT is an incredibly versatile function that can be used to sum and count like SUMIFS or COUNTIFS, but with more flexibility.

Drill down

Consider the below table, I have the sale amounts for cars, buses and trains from January to April. If I want to sum the sales of 2 or more months for a particular vehicle then we can use the SUMPRODUCT formula.

We can’t use SUMIFS only works when because the sum range exists in 1 column

  A B C D E
1 Type Jan Sales Feb Sales Mar Sales Apr Sales
2 Car 48 39 96 82
3 Bus 70 52 37 72
4 Train 0 88 35 47


Formula to get the Jan – Feb sales for a car.


Formula for the Jan and March to April sales for a car, you just add the 2 SUMPRODUCT formulas together as you can’t use non-contiguous ranges in the formula.


Counting using SUMPRODUCT

If you want to check how many months there were sales (i.e sale amount more than 0) then use this…


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