Use Vba To Join Cell Values With Either & Or Concatenate Formula

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Join multiple string cells using one of 2 options, the code below shows how to choose the two, it boils down to what the user finds easier to read.

=CONCATENATE(A1,” “,B1,” “,C1) or =A1&” “&B1&” “&C1

note: Concatenate formula limitations, 255 string limit and & has none The code below uses the & option, the code points to comment out:

& Option

xRange.Formula = “=” & sArgs Concatenate option

xRange.Formula = “=CONCATENATE(“ & sArgs & “)”

& option

sArgSep = “&” Concatenate option

sArgSep = “,”


Creates a formula in the active cell using the selected cells values Prompts the user for a range of cells, then prompts the user for an argument separator You can select any range of cells, continuous and or random cells, then type a separator and you’re good to go! The macro enters in a Concatenate formula to the active cell with the separator between each cell in the range you selected!

Sub JoinCellsWithVBA() '// Vars Dim rSelected As Range Dim c As Range Dim xRange As Range Dim sArgs As String Dim sArgSep As String Dim sSeparator As String Dim sTitle As String Dim lTrim As Long '// Check Cell Selected If TypeName(Selection)  "Range" Then Exit Sub '// Set variables Set xRange = ActiveCell sSeparator = "" sTitle = "Concatenate With VBA" '// Prompt user to select cells for formula On Error Resume Next 'Turn off error prompts Set rSelected = Application.InputBox(Prompt:="Select cells To join together", Title:=sTitle, Type:=8) On Error GoTo 0 'Turn on error prompts '// Only run if cells were selected and cancel button was not pressed If Not rSelected Is Nothing Then '// Set argument separator for formula, choose for either & or Concatentate formula ' remember to comment out the appropriate xRange.Formula below '& option sArgSep = "&" '& option 'Concatenate option 'sArgSep = "," 'Concatenate option '// Enter the separator between each cell value, check if user clicked cancel xSeparator = Application.InputBox(Prompt:="Enter separator, leave blank If none.", Title:=sTitle, Type:=2) If xSeparator = FALSE Then Exit Sub 'If User clicked cancel then exit sub sSeparator = xSeparator 'Set the separator as string '// Create string of cell references For Each c In rSelected.Cells sArgs = sArgs & c.Address(0, 0) & sArgSep If sSeparator  "" Then sArgs = sArgs & Chr(34) & sSeparator & Chr(34) & sArgSep End If Next '// Trim extra argument separator and separator characters lTrim = IIf(sSeparator  "", 4 + Len(sSeparator), 1) sArgs = Left(sArgs, Len(sArgs) - lTrim) '// Create formula to the active cell '& option, ensure you change sArgSep above to "&" xRange.Formula = "=" & sArgs 'Concatenate option, ensure you change sArgSep above to "," 'xRange.Formula = "=CONCATENATE(" & sArgs & ")" End If
End Sub

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Updated: March 19, 2017

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