Convert Decimal To Total Hours And Minutes

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When converting a decimal to hours and minutes, ensure to use the correct Number Format.

Shows the total number of hours, even if the number of hours is 24 or more.

Effectively only shows the excess hours over and above complete multiples of 24.
For example, 105 hours is 4×24, or 4 whole days, plus 9 more hours, so it just shows the 9.
Remember, this is only a display format – the underlying values are the same in both cases.

See the below tabled example.

  A B C D
1 Decimal hh:mm [h]:mm Formula
2 4.3 04:18 4:18 =A2/24
3 25 01:00 25:00 =A3/24
4 105 09:00 105:00 =A4/24