Sumproduct To Sum Or Count Across Multiple Columns

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SUMPRODUCT is an incredibly versatile function that can be used to sum and count like SUMIFS or COUNTIFS, but with more flexibility.

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Consider the below table, I have the sale amounts for cars, buses and trains from January to April. If I want to sum the sales of 2 or more months for a particular vehicle then we can use the SUMPRODUCT formula.

We can’t use SUMIFS only works when because the sum range exists in 1 column

  A B C D E
1 Type Jan Sales Feb Sales Mar Sales Apr Sales
2 Car 48 39 96 82
3 Bus 70 52 37 72
4 Train 0 88 35 47


Formula to get the Jan - Feb sales for a car.


Formula for the Jan and March to April sales for a car, you just add the 2 SUMPRODUCT formulas together as you can’t use non-contiguous ranges in the formula.


Counting using SUMPRODUCT

If you want to check how many months there were sales (i.e sale amount more than 0) then use this…