Function Check Multiple Named Ranges Exist

less than 1 minute read Function to check if multiple named ranges exist ‘============================================================================== ‘ ## Function: Check multiple named ranges exist ‘============================================================================== Function RangeExists(s As String) As Boolean On Error GoTo myExit RangeExists = Range(s).Count > 0 myExit: End Function ‘ Function example: Sub CheckRanges() Dim vNames As Variant, v As Variant vNames = … Read more

Top Values In A List

1 minute read From a list of 30 people with an assigned value, generate a smaller list that are the top n values in that list. Download the example workbook here: Top n Values in a List.xlsx How it all works Our source data is in A1:D31 and Output begins in H1. All formulas have … Read more

Text Values Strings Words And Phrases

1 minute read Example: =LOWER(“hello”) Result: hello Convert text to upper case Example: =UPPER(D3) Result: JAMES Convert text to proper case (each word’s first letter capitalized) Example: =PROPER(“this is a long sentence”) Result: This Is A Long Sentence Combine different text values to one text Example: =CONCATENATE(A3, ” and “, A4) Result: 30 and 25 … Read more

Example Of Print Setup For The Active Sheet

less than 1 minute read Example of Page Setup for the active sheet for printing example has a header, footer, narrow margins and the Column width to the page but not the rows. ‘ ================================================================== ‘ ## Example of Page Setup for the active sheet for printing ‘ This example has a header, footer, narrow … Read more

Finding The Last Row Or First And Last Available Blank Row

1 minute read Examples on how to first the last row, first available blank row or the last blank row ‘ last Row, working from the bottom of a Column upwards (therefore the Column can contain blanks & the last Row will still be returned) MsgBox Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row MsgBox Cells(Rows.Count, “A”).End(xlUp).Row MsgBox ActiveSheet.Cells(ActiveSheet.Rows.Count, “A”).End(xlUp).Row MsgBox … Read more