How To Include The Document Version With Export To Excel From Sharepoint

2 minute read When you have a SharePoint Document Library and use the Export to Excel feature, you may have noticed that document versions will not be exported to the workbook. This is the VBA-code created which reads the version-info from your SharePoint-document library and inserts the version-info into your Excel file. The code includes … Read more

Inputbox Assign An Array Of Values To A Range

less than 1 minute read InputBox – Assign an array of Values to a Range ‘================================================================================================== ‘ ## InputBox Example 5: Inputbox to assign an array of values to a range ‘ Tip: have your selection the same size as the array ‘ Also…I have no idea how to error handle this after so many … Read more

Examples Of Vba Constants

less than 1 minute read Some examples of VBA constants, useful when developing programs / add-ins. ‘ Using a double line when creating a string in code, just type vbDoubleLine Public Const vbDoubleLine = vbNewLine & vbNewLine ‘ Using Named Colours for set colour schemes Note that the colour values are Longs ‘ ## Colour … Read more

Get The Nth Word From A Text String with vba

less than 1 minute read An easy user defined function (UDF) to get the nth word from cell. I often use this to get first and last names when the full name is in a single cell. ‘========================================================================================================== ‘ ## Function: Get the nth word from a text string ‘========================================================================================================== Function ExtractNthWord(Source As String, Position … Read more

Create Sheets From Cell Values

2 minute read This is one of my favourites and I use it all the time. Type a bunch of sheet names in a list of cells, select those cells then run this macro. Users will be prompted to select a range of cells to create sheet names Error checks that the sheet name doesn’t … Read more

List All Vba Environment Variables

less than 1 minute read This VBA Environment function grabs information about your operating system and returns the information as a string. The Environ function is useful for customizing your macros so they behave differently based on your user’s operating system configuration. To list all the operating system environment variables on your computer, run this … Read more