TitanTools is an excel add-in that provides efficiency in your day to day tasks. From cleaning to exporting your data this utility has you covered with over 30 awesome time saving buttons at your fingertips AND 18 folder locations in a menu button for easy navigation on your PC.


  • PC Only
  • Excel 2007 - 2016
  • Works on 32-bit or 64-bit

The TitanTools Project

This add-in project began in 2016 as an on and off again hobby which now has evolved, been enhanced and tested rigorously. The idea is to have lots of useful tools at your finger tips Add-ins are a great addition to the Excel function suite that cut down time to perform your everyday tasks.

I always wanted something that was available online, free and easy to install at work without having to call IT as at work I don’t have who have Admin installation priveledges. Through extensive research, learning, trial and error I have finally created an xlam Excel Add-in that anyone can download and install for Excel Windows easily and safely.

Continual Improvement

Through feedback and my every day use I will continue to improve the functionality of this add-in. A change log will also be provided to provide information on updates.

All Tool Descriptions

A full list of all the tool descriptions will be available shortly; in the meantime, hover your mouse over each button to get a description of what that button does.

Group 1: TitanTools

A group of miscellaneous utilities that I use all the time! The Save Backup utility is the best little tool I have made. It simply makes a copy of the active workbook and appends a timestamp to the file name. The Range Info button provides information like Sum and Count which Excel already does…but this allows you to also copy the information. A whole drop down menu dedicated to navigating your PC for special folder locations. Another drop down menu for extra utilities that speed up those tasks you need to do now and then.

Group 2: Trim and Clean Data

Dedicated to manipulating and cleaning your data you can also join and split text, add leading or trailing text to each cell and finally change case. When changing a sentence to Proper Case the following words will remain lower case if they are not the first word in the sentence:

  • a, an, and, as, at, but, by, for, from, if, in, is,
  • nor, of, off, on, or, so, the, till, to, up, yet

Group 3: Sheet Tools

Delete all empty sheets in the active workbook, unhide even sheets very hidden with VBA. An awesome tool is to create sheet names en masse using the selected cell names

Group 4: Export Data

Choose from a variety of ways to export your data, whether whole sheets to a new workbook or the selected range to CSV or TXT formats.

Group 5: Table Tools

A collection of useful tools to export the data in your tables at each unique value in the selected columns. Each value can be exported to a new sheet in the same or new workbook or create a new file from each value. A quick sort button for when you need to index or get the original order of the table. A custom filter button will insert a column to the far right, placing an ‘x’ in each visible cell. Then rename the Column header to something meaningful.


Have a look at my post Installing An Addin which has all the info you need.
The instructions are included with the zip download.

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